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George Anderson

Avada’s CEO

    What problem are you trying to solve?

    How do you generate leads?2020-09-12T08:50:47+00:00

    We employ cream-of-the-crop lead generation experts who have years of experience with generating buyer and seller leads through Facebook Advertising. They will be using their talent and experience to generate leads EXCLUSIVELY for you.

    What questions do you use to qualify leads?2020-09-12T08:49:45+00:00
    • Are they looking to buy or sell?
    • Price range.
    • Location of interest.
    • Criteria (# of bedrooms & baths, pool area, backyard etc.).
    • Criteria (2 bedroom, 2 bath, etc.)
    • Timeframe to buy or sell (We’re looking for 1-6 months).
    • Whether they already have a lender.
    • Availability for an appointment with YOU.
    What ROI can I expect?2020-09-12T08:47:58+00:00

    Our partners average 6x ROI which typically gets better over time. In hot markets, it’s not unusual to see a ROI of upto 15x.

    What volume of appointments can I expect per month?2020-09-12T08:41:56+00:00

    We usually see a 8% to 15% (depending on area) appointment rate from the leads our team follows up with. Given that we will generate 100+ leads for you every month, you can expect 8-15 booked appointments!

    Will you work with other realtors/brokerages in my area?2020-09-12T08:41:25+00:00

    Not a chance! If we decide to work with you, you will gain full exclusivity in your area.