CASE STUDY: How One Realtor Went From $0 to $50,000 in 2 months with SELLER leads generated on Facebook

Read the entire article to find out how we helped one realtor generate 7 listings in 2 months and pocket $50,000 in commissions.

We did so by deploying our signature lead-gen system. Checkout this video of our managing partner breaking down the system 👇

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Case Study Begins Here…

675 prospects
81 qualified leads
7 listings SOLD
$50,000 generated

All within 2 months!

How did we team up with a realtor to make this happen? Keep reading to find out…

First we generated loads of new prospects, and used automated sequences of texts and emails to nurture the prospects and then qualify them with the help of our specialized sales agents. I

How did we find the right people for this client? Using unique Facebook Ads!

Part 1: Generate Prospects Using A Different Breed Of Facebook Ads

a) Get the targeting right

We leveraged facebook’s machine learning platform to dial-in to the right subset of the audience, and make them an offer they couldn’t refuse.Most advertisers give up on facebook after spending $100-$200 and seeing no results.

This is a BIG mistake…

Facebook’s algorithms rely strongly on data. In the beginning, Facebook doesn’t know who your right prospect is, but once it’s able to find a few prospects, it can start seeing what’s common among them and figure out who exactly is a good fit for your services!

This means we had to spend money upfront and run experiments to find some ideal prospects, but once we found them, we fed their name, email and phone number into Facebook’s algorithms…

Once Facebook figured out exactly who the right type of prospect is, the leads started pouring in!

But it’s not just enough to know who the right prospect is, you also have to make them an IRRESISTIBLE offer – to give you their contact information, in exchange for something valuable…

b) Make them an offer they can’t refuse

Well, people guard their contact information very closely. If you want them to give it up to you, you better provide them something valuable in exchange!

We call this the ‘lead magnet’.

I can’t give away what our lead magnet was for this client (trade secrets, and we had to test A LOT to find the right one). 

But I can point you in the right direction…

Steer clear of the boring and usual stuff. The market is rife with websites and apps offering a free ‘home valuation’. *Yawn*.

It doesn’t work anymore, and customers are savvy enough to google that. Why would they give up their contact info for it when they can get the answer on google for free?

Instead, we thought hard about how we can give our prospects an INSANE amount of value.

We sat down with our client and brainstormed what were the most pressing concerns and the most common motivations that sellers have.

We found that almost all of them want to sell soon and get the BEST price possible on the market. Then we used this information to create a document that sellers would find enticing enough to exchange their contact info for.


Get leads delivered to your phone every morning without lifting a finger.

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c) Create an eye-catching ad to deliver your offer to the right prospect!

Once we figured out the right ‘lead magnet’, we dressed it in an ad containing an engaging video and top-notch ad copy.

Images can work, but video simply performs better. We have tested this hundreds of times, and video always wins.

And that’s it! The right combination of targeting, video, and lead magnet helped us generate a ton of interested prospects looking to sell.

But was that enough? No way!

That was just the first part of the equation, and likely the easier part.

What came next is what makes or breaks your lead generation system.

Part 2: Nurture prospects to turn them into qualified leads

You see, once a prospect gives you their contact information, you need to qualify them, and then schedule a call. 

Speed is of the essence here, so once a prospect responded to the Facebook Ad, we transferred their info into our custom CRM, which triggered automated texts and emails to send the prospect the ‘lead magnet’ they signed up for and initiated a conversation with them.

Once the prospect responded, we let one of our highly trained sales agents take over and continue the conversation.

At Leadz Engine, we employ a team of 40+ sales agents that iengage, qualify prospects, and live-transfer our clients into the call when appropriate.

Or they simply schedule a call between qualified leads and our clients, and let them take things on from there.

The use of our custom CRM makes sure all conversations happen within a single ecosystem, making it really easy to manage.

Need more details?

This process generated 675 leads for our client in a matter of 2 months. 81 of these fit our client’s qualification criteria.  7 listings were sold in this period, bringing his total earning in commission to $50,000.

We decided to create this brief overview so you can understand the full process, but there are many nuances that will make or break the system…

It’s practically impossible to fit all the details of what makes the system work within 3 pages.

Want to learn more about the details that make our system a success?


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Leadz Engine provides thousands of leads per month for my team. I love the call-center follow up. They have been an excellent recruiting partner.

Sunny Kashyap, Broker/Manager, Homelife Galaxy Real Estate Ltd. Brokerage ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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I love the system and I love the leads. Within 1 week of working with Leadz Engine I started working with a investor and we are putting bids on multiple properties as we speak!

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I am loving the system so far. I am having great conversations with my leads and the volume is fantastic!

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I really enjoy the custom CRM and the categorized pipeline stages.

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